Local Mulch and Soil

Mulch & Soil

We specialize in the finest quality mulch and soil products available. We produce our own dyed mulches to insure the finest ingredients are used for the highest quality product. Our topsoil products are painstakingly produced at our Glen Rock facility and protected so they’re always dry and ready for use.

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Premium Bark - High Quality Mulch, Premium Mulch, finely shredded hardwood bark

Premium Bark

Our premium bark mulch is a finely shredded hardwood bark naturally composted to a dark brown color. It weighs approximately 800 lbs per cubic yard and should be spread 2-4” thick.

Nature Blend - Premium Mulch, Local Mulch, naturally composted, hardwood trees

Nature Blend

Nature Blend - is a blend of hardwood trees shredded and naturally composted to a dark brown color. Though it’s not as fine as the Premium Shred, it won’t decompose quite as fast. It weighs approximately 800 lbs/cubic yard and should be spread 2-4” thick.

Dyed Black & Brown - Premium Mulch, Local Mulch, Finely Shredded Mulch, Recycled Hard Wood

Dyed Black & Brown

Finely shredded recycled hard wood colored that's safe for people and pets. An anti-fungal agent inhibits the growth of molds and fungus. It keeps color for at least a full season but requires 24 hours of dry weather for the dye set. It weighs approximately 700 lbs/cubic yard and should be spread 2-4” thick.


Screened Topsoil - Local Topsoil, High Quality Topsoil

Screened Topsoil

Ours is first ground then passed through a 3/8” screen. It also has approximately 25% compost added during processing to make rich in humus. It weighs approximately one ton/cubic yard is great for lawns.

Garden Soil - High Quality Top Soil, Local Garden Soil

Garden Soil

This is our screened topsoil with added compost to make it approximately 50% humus. It weights approximately 1,750 lbs/cubic yard and is perfect for gardens and raised flower beds.

Mushroom Soil - Quality Topsoil, Mushroom Topsoil

Mushroom Soil

A mixture of composted chicken manure, horse manure, straw, lime and grown corn cobs, making it a pH balanced compost for gardens and lawns. It weighs approximately 900 lbs/cubic yard.

Regular Topsoil - High quality garden soil, Local Soil

Regular Topsoil

This product is from the field and could contain sticks, weeds and stones. It’s not always available so let us know your needs in advance. It weighs approximately 2,200 lbs/cubic yard and is good for backfilling.